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a kwon jiyong/gdragon fan community

Kwon Jiyong
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001; Anything & everything GDRAGON related may be posted here whether they be pictures, graphics, videos, fanfics, news, etc.
002; Please be considerate and nice! Rude behavior will not be tolerated.
003; No hotlinking please. Please upload to your own server.
004; All media including pictures and icons should go under an LJ-CUT. For pictures, previews would be great. For icons, there should be no more than THREE teasers.
005; Please credits all sources if possible. It is very important that you credit.
006; Please LOCK all posts pertaining to downloadable media.
007; Please contact the mod if you have anything to advertise. All unapproved ads and all blogcrews will be deleted.
008; Please DO NOT tag your posts! The mod willl do that for you.
009; Have fun and post lots! Spread the GD love ♥
REAL NAME: Kwon Jiyong (권지용)
BIRTHDATE: August 18, 1988
HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 177cm, 54kg
POSITION: Leader, rapper, composer, lyricist
SKILLS: Rapping, dancing, beat boxing, composing, singing, Chinese, English
RANDOM INFO: Has done some modelling for Style-Luv.co.kr, an online clothes store run by GD's older sister, Dami. The only member to have tattoos (on each of his inner forearms, which say "vita dolce" & "moderato"). Composed a majority of songs on their most recent mini-albums.

G-DRAGON ★ the official websiteG-DRAGON me2day ★ official me2day

release date: 2009.08.18 (G-Dragon's Birthday)

1. 소년이여 | MV
2. Heartbreaker | MV
3. Breathe | MV
4. Butterfly (feat. Jin Jung) | MV
5. Hello (feat. 산다라)
6. Gossip man (feat. 김건모)
7. Korean Dream (feat. 태양)
8. The Leaders (feat. Teddy , CL)
9. She’s Gone (feat. KUSH)
10. 1년 정거장
1집 GD&TOP 정규앨범

release date: 2010.12.24

1. Intro
3. Oh Yeah (Feat. 박봄)
4. 집에 가지마
6. 뻑이가요 | MV
7. OH MOM (T.O.P)
8. 악몽 (G.D)
9. 오늘따라 (T.O.P)
10. 어쩌란 말이냐? (G.D)
11. TURN IT UP (T.O.P)
compiled/made by the7REAL.
If taking the following information, please credit the7REAL. @ soompi & vipbigbang_info.livejournal.com
1995-00 ll Tracks 1 & 3 specifically, then all except 6, 7 & 10 [Little Roo'Ra Christmas Carols]
2001-01 ll "Hip-Hop Nation" (Feat. G-Dragon) [DaeHanMinGook Hip Hop Flex 2001]
2001-01 ll "Realize Yourself" (Feat. G-Dragon) [DaeHanMinGook Hip Hop Flex 2001]
2001-01 ll "G-Dragon" [DaeHanMinGook Hip Hop Flex 2001]
2001-09 ll "Storm" - Perry (Feat. G-Dragon, Sean, Masta Wu) [Perry 1st Album 'Perry By Storm']
2001-09 ll "G-Dragon" - G-Dragon (Feat. Perry) [Perry 1st Album 'Perry By Storm']
2002-04 ll "Magic Eye" - Wheesung (Feat. G-Dragon) [Wheesung 1st Album 'Like A Movie']
2002-09 ll "멋쟁이 신사 (Fly Gentlemen)" - YG Family (Feat. G-Dragon) [YG Family Vol.2 97-YG-02 Why Be Normal]
2002-09 ll "YMCA" - YG Family (Feat. G-Dragon) [YG Family Vol.2 97-YG-02 Why Be Normal]
2002-09 ll "Why Be Normal" - YG Family (Feat. G-Dragon) [YG Family Vol.2 97-YG-02 Why Be Normal]
2002-09 ll "Why Be Normal (G-Dragon Ver.)) [YG Family Vol.2 97-YG-02 Why Be Normal]
2002-09 ll "A-Yo (YG Family Ver.)" - YG Family (Feat. G-Dragon) [YG Family Vol.2 97-YG-02 Why Be Normal]
2002-12 ll "스페이스 힙합덕 (Space Hip Hop Duck) Ost Opening Theme" - G-Dragon & Swi.T
2002-12 ll "스페이스 힙합덕 (Space Hip Hop Duck) Ost Ending Theme" - G-Dragon & Swi.T
2003-03 ll "Intro" - Se7en (Feat. G-Dragon) [Se7en 1st Album 'Just Listen']
2003-06 ll "HeoSooAbi" - Masta Wu [Masta Wu 1st Album 'Masta Peace']
2003-00 ll "Killing Me Softly" - Gummy Feat. G-Dragon
2006-11 ll "Can You Feel Me" Se7en (Feat. G-Dragon) [Se7en 4th Album 'Se7olution']
2006-12 ll "Anystar" - Park Bom (Feat. G-Dragon)
2007-10 ll "So In Love Part 2" - Kim Jo Han (Feat. G-Dragon of Big Bang) [KimJohan Vol. 5]
2008-03 ll "Intro: Work It Now" - Gummy (Feat. G-Dragon) [Gummy 3rd Album 'Comfort']
2008-07-01 ll "Party" - Uhm Jung Hwa (Feat. G-Dragon) [UhmJungHwa 'D.I.S.C.O.']
2008-09-01 ll "D.I.S.C.O. Part2" - Uhm Jung HWa (Feat. G-Dragon) [Uhm Jung Hwa] D.I.S.C.O. Part2 (Digital Single)]
2008-10-10 ll "What" - YMGA (feat. YG Fam, DJ Wreckx) [ YMGA Made In R.O.K ]

Info credit: yg_BIGBANG | BIGBANG & G-DRAGON soompi threads
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